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Introduction to Gas Meter Upgrades

An upgrade to your gas meter is crucial for efficient gas supply management, and Marrickville Plumbing offers specialised expertise in updating gas meters across Sydney homes and businesses.

This article delivers a comprehensive guide on the gas meter upgrade process, detailing essential steps including application, site preparation, and the management of installation.

Discover the benefits of a new gas meter, customer responsibilities, and the replacement process.

Our goal is to answer frequent queries about timeframes, costs, leak detection, and more. We will explore smart meter technology and how new meters improve gas monitoring and supply.

By the conclusion, you’ll possess a thorough understanding of a typical gas meter upgrade, aiding you in making an informed decision about modernising your home or business’s gas supply system.

Reasons for Upgrading Your Gas Meter

Several key reasons might necessitate the upgrade of your gas meter:

  • Improved Accuracy: New gas metres incorporate smart technology and digital readings to provide more precise gas usage data. This allows for better monitoring of gas supply and billing.
  • Increased Capacity: Should your gas usage rise due to additional appliances or more residents, your existing meter might struggle to meet this amplified demand.
  • Safety Upgrades: New metres have enhanced safety features and durable components to prevent leaks, damage or hazardous conditions.
  • improved improved operational efficiency: Upgrading to a contemporary gas metre enables advanced pressure regulation, flow calibration and performance optimisation.
  • Technology Integration: New smart metering infrastructure allows for remote access, data sharing and seamless integration with innovative technologies.

By replacing your outdated gas meter, you can harness modern efficiency, safety, and technological advances to accommodate your changing gas usage needs. For further details on meter replacement services, get in touch with Marrickville Plumbing.

Understanding the Gas Meter Upgrade Process

Upgrading your gas metre is a straightforward process that typically takes 15-20 business days from start to finish. Here are the key stages involved:

  1. Application – The upgrade process begins when you or your gas retailer submit an application to your distributor, setting in motion the replacement of your current meter.
  2. Site Preparation – Ensure you clear a space around 1 to 1.5 metres surrounding the meter for the upgrade; the gas supply will be disconnected, necessitating the shut off of your appliances.
  3. Distributor Handling – The distributor will coordinate with you to schedule the replacement. A licensed technician will then uninstall your old meter and install the new one.
  4. Meter Exchange – Following the installation of the new meter and initial safety checks, your gas supply is re-established. A brief odor of gas is normal during the relighting of appliances.
  5. Completion – Your gas retailer is notified of the new metre installation. You can now benefit from its advanced monitoring and efficiency capabilities.

The gas distributor manages the upgrade end-to-end. As a participant in our meter replacement program, you’re responsible for providing access and preparing your site. You’ll also need to relight your gas appliances after the exchange.

Upgraded metres unlock smarter your gas supply monitoring. If you have any questions about upgrading your metre, contact our team at Marrickville Plumbing today.

Applying for a Gas Meter Upgrade

Upgrading your gas meter is straightforward. Reach out to Marrickville Plumbing at 1300 349 338 or via jobs@marrickvilleplumbingservices.com.au, and we will confirm if your property qualifies for an upgrade.

To proceed, we’ll need the following information:

  • Your name, your address and contact details
  • Type of gas supply (natural gas/LPG)
  • Reason for upgrade (e.g. increasing gas usage)
  • Details of any life support equipment at your home when a continuous gas supply is essential

Your presence is not required when providing details as we’ll submit the application to your gas distributor on your behalf. They might reach out to schedule a site inspection of your meter location and existing connections before approval.

Upgrades typically take 15-20 business days from initial request through to installation. During the upgrade, gas supply will be disconnected for a period while the old metre is exchanged. We advise preparing by turning off gas appliances in advance.

Don’t hesitate to read more about and get in touch with any other questions around our metre upgrade services. We’re here to help ensure the process is hassle-free from start to finish.

Preparing Your Property for Meter Installation

Proper preparation of your property before gas meter installation is vital for both safety and accessibility. Key tasks include:

  • Clear a space of around 1 to 1.5 metres near the gas meter site to provide technicians with sufficient room for work and installation.
  • Turn off and disconnect gas appliances like heaters, stoves and pool heaters ahead of the upgrade so the gas supply can be shut off.
  • Check your gas pipes and fittings and repair any leaks, damage or issues detected to minimise safety risks.
  • Trim any branches or shrubbery that limit access to the metre location or connections.
  • Inform family members about the temporary loss of gas supply and make alternative arrangements for hot water or cooking if needed.

Ensuring clear, safe access for metre technicians reduces delays and complications come installation day. Our team at Marrickville Plumbing can also help verify your site’s readiness beforehand. Contact us on 1300 349 338 for assistance preparing for your upcoming gas metre upgrade.

What to Expect During Meter Replacement


Gas meter replacement is smooth and straightforward with experienced professionals. Here’s what you can expect on the day of your upgrade:


  • Technician Arrival: The licenced gas fitter will arrive; you don’t need to worry about organising the time as they will introduce themselves. They will be wearing official identification.
  • \
  • Final Preparatory Checks: You’ll be asked to show the technician the metre location and existing gas connections so they can make some preparatory checks and ensure full access.
  • \
  • Supply Disconnection: Before removing your old metre, the gas supply is shut off at the mains tap. This takes just a few minutes but means appliances won’t be operational.
  • \
  • Metre Exchange: The old metre is uninstalled and the new digital smart metre installed in its place. This generally takes 15-30 minutes depending on the connections.
  • \
  • Reconnection and Testing: Upon restoring the gas supply, the new meter is tested for both safety and functionality. An initial gas odor is common as the pipes are purged.
  • \
  • Restoring Supply to Appliances: Before the technician departs, you’ll be shown how to relight your appliances, like hot water systems, that require manual rebooting.
  • \


Expect a brief period, not exceeding one to two hours, without an active gas supply. Be sure to prepare appliances accordingly in advance. Overall the process is quick and seamless when in the hands of our experienced metre technicians.

Responsibilities After Upgrade Completion

Once your gas metre upgrade is complete, there are a few key responsibilities to ensure everything functions properly:


  • Inspecting the Metre - Check around the gas metre for any residual smell of gas after it has been reconnected. Notify us immediately if you detect any leakages.
  • \
  • Relighting Appliances - Follow the proper procedure for relighting any gas appliances like hot water systems which were shut off during the upgrade.
  • \
  • Updated Paperwork - Your gas retailer will mail you updated account details reflecting the new metre. Retain this paperwork for your records.
  • \
  • Future Maintenance - Arrange regular gas pipe inspections and leak checks, particularly for older connections. Familiarise yourself with emergency leak procedures.
  • \


Adhering to these post-installation responsibilities helps validate proper functioning of your upgraded gas metre. If in doubt, get in touch with our team at Marrickville Plumbing for assistance maintaining safety and compliance.

Performing Leak Checks Post-Installation

After your gas metre upgrade is complete, it’s crucial to check for potential gas leaks. Any smells or sounds of gas escaping should be immediately reported. As the property owner, you are responsible for arranging qualified technicians to conduct thorough leak detection.

Marrickville Plumbing’s licensed team excels in conducting comprehensive leak checks post-installation with sophisticated equipment. We methodically inspect all connections, fittings and pipes for any small cracks or damage that could cause hazardous gas escape. This provides peace of mind that your upgraded system is fully sealed and secure.

Don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 349 338 to book your post-installation leak and safety checks following recent gas metre upgrades or pipework. Ensuring escapes are promptly repaired prevents risks to your home.

Connecting Appliances and Utilities

After your gas metre upgrade is complete, you may need to reconnect and restart certain gas appliances and utilities. Most modern appliances should automatically relight once gas supply is restored. For older appliances like hot water systems and pool heaters, it’s recommended you contact a professional to safely restart them.


Marrickville Plumbing’s skilled technicians are ready to assist you with professionally relighting appliances after installation. We’ll ensure pilot lights are lit and the system is correctly calibrated, which maximises performance and minimises risks linked to improper relighting.


For ultimate peace of mind, trust our decades of gas fitting experience when rebooting appliances after your metre upgrade. We follow manufacturer guidelines to properly reignite pilot lights and validate appliance functionality. Contact Marrickville Plumbing on 1300 349 338 to book your post-installation relighting anytime gas works have occurred.

Smart Gas Meters and Associated Benefits

Smart gas meters represent a significant advancement in gas monitoring and management. Opting for these innovative meters brings a suite of sophisticated features and advantages:


  • Real-time Monitoring - Smart gas meters accurately track gas usage and wirelessly send this data to your gas retailer, ensuring precise billing and effective management of your gas supply.
  • \
  • Leak Detection - These metres can instantly detect abnormal usage indicative of leaks and automatically close supply valves to minimise risks.
  • \
  • Remote Access - You can securely access your usage stats, account details, and safety alerts online through the retailer’s portal.
  • \
  • Enhanced Control - Smart metres give you greater visibility and control over gas consumption for the various appliances and areas of your home.
  • \
  • Seamless Integration - These meters connect with smart home systems, enabling remote adjustments and instant usage updates.
  • \


By switching to an intelligent gas meter, you gain from optimised gas usage, increased property safety, and a more convenient, efficient supply. Reach out to Marrickville Plumbing to investigate smart metering possibilities.

Costs and Considerations for Gas Meter Upgrades

The cost of a gas meter upgrade typically falls between $300 and $800, influenced by the complexity of the task. Key considerations affecting the price include:

  • Standard Installation - For straightforward metre replacements in accessible locations, costs generally start from $300 plus GST.
  • Complex Installation - For upgraded metres requiring substantial pipework, difficult access or drainage, costs can exceed $800 plus GST.
  • Smart Metres - These advanced digital metres enable remote monitoring and data sharing but come at a slightly higher cost of $550 - $900 plus GST.

While upgrading does represent an upfront investment, the long-term benefits around accuracy, safety and efficiency usually make it a worthwhile improvement. New smart metres can also help identify gas leaks and wastage to save on usage costs.

Our team at Marrickville Plumbing will provide an accurate quote for your metre upgrade during site inspections. We work closely with manufacturers and distributors to offer competitive pricing without compromising quality. Contact us today to learn more about upgrading your gas metre.

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