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Signs Hot Water System Failing
Signs Your Hot Water System Is Failing

Common signs your hot water system is failing include strange noises, rust, leaks, inconsistent temperature and pressure. Call our licensed plumbers if you notice these issues for repairs.

Eco-friendly pipe relining
Eco-friendly pipe relining

Pipe relining is an eco-friendly alternative to pipe replacement that uses materials like epoxy resin to repair pipes without digging. It produces less waste and emissions than traditional methods. Learn about the environmental benefits of trenchless pipe relining.

Retrofit Hot Water Efficiency
Retrofit Your Hot Water For Better Efficiency

Replacing an outdated electric, gas or solar hot water system with a more efficient heat pump or solar model can significantly reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint. Take advantage of available rebates. Contact us to retrofit your old system today.

Hot Water Runs Fast
Why Your Hot Water Runs Out Too Fast

A hot water system that runs out too quickly is often caused by sediment accumulation, a thermostat issue, or an undersized tank. Call our experts to troubleshoot the problem and restore reliable hot water flow.

Regulations Apply Hot Water Systems Australia
What Regulations Apply to Hot Water Systems in Australia

There are regulations around hot water system installation, temperature and safety across Australia. By law, hot water stored must be above 60°C to prevent bacteria but delivered below 50°C for safety. New NSW regulations require temperature control devices on all new installs.

Gas Safety Checks Required Landlords
Gas Safety Checks Required by Landlords

Australian regulations require landlords to arrange annual gas safety inspections on all rental properties. Checks must cover gas appliances, fittings and flues to ensure tenant safety and property compliance.

Health Risks Relining Pipes
Health Risks of Not Relining Pipes

Not relining cracked and damaged pipes can create major health hazards and risks. Contaminated water, flooding, bad odors and pipe collapses can all occur. Professional pipe relining is the best way to avoid these risks and get long-lasting pipe repairs without the mess and expense of full pipe replacement.

Blocked Drain Landlord’ Responsibility?
Is a Blocked Drain the Landlord’s Responsibility?

When a drain becomes blocked, it is generally the landlord’s responsibility to arrange repairs as it relates to property maintenance. However, tenants may be liable if the blockage was caused by intentional damage or negligence on their part.

blocked drain ?
When does a blocked drain need immediate help?

A blocked drain requires quick response if you notice sewage backing up, foul smells, flooding or water damage. Slow drainage and gurgling sounds may also indicate an urgent issue. Don’t wait - call a plumber immediately if your blocked drain is causing property damage or health hazards.

Broken Tap Emergency?
Is a Broken Tap an Emergency?

While a dripping or broken tap does not usually constitute a plumbing emergency, it is still important to arrange repairs quickly to prevent water wastage and possible water damage from uncontrolled leaks.

Direct Indirect Water Heating
Direct vs Indirect Water Heating

When installing a new water heating system, homeowners must decide between direct and indirect models. We compare the pros and cons to help you choose the most efficient system for your needs.

toilet blockages?
What causes toilet blockages?

Toilet blockages are often caused by using excessive toilet paper, flushing unsuitable items like wipes or feminine products, tree roots growing into pipes, issues with pipe layouts, build up of waste, or toilet defects. Getting a blocked toilet unblocked quickly prevents worse damage and saves money.

Hot water system maintenance checklist
Hot water system maintenance checklist

A hot water system maintenance checklist is essential to ensure your system functions properly long-term. It should include checking for leaks, flushing sediment, inspecting the anode rod and testing valves. Annual maintenance helps avoid issues.

Hot Water System Warranties Explained
Hot Water System Warranties Explained

When buying a new hot water system, good manufacturers like Rheem and Dux offer warranties from 5-12 years covering parts and 1 years labour. Check if your issue is covered to claim or seek hot water repairs.

Prevent & Manage Sewage Backups
How To Prevent & Manage Sewage Backups

Sewage backups can cause nasty flooding and damage if not handled properly. To prevent backups, stop using plumbing fixtures, call a plumber to assess and install backflow valves. Then clean flooded areas to prevent mold. Follow these steps to prevent damage from future sewage backups.

’ Involved Gas Meter Upgrade?
What’s Involved in a Gas Meter Upgrade?

Upgrading your gas meter enables increased gas flow to your property in Marrickville. The process involves installation of a larger meter to match your energy needs. Contact our team today to discuss costs, timeframes and get your gas meter upgrade underway.

Plumber Fix Gas Leaks?
Can A Plumber Fix Gas Leaks?

If you smell gas or suspect a leak, take safety precautions and call a licensed Sydney plumber immediately. We provide 24/7 gas leak detection and repair services to locate the source of the leak and carry out repairs quickly and safely.

- Tools Emergency Plumbers
Must-Have Tools for Emergency Plumbers

From plungers and wrenches to high-tech cameras and hydro jetters, emergency plumbers use a variety of tools to rapidly fix burst pipes, gas leaks, clogged drains and more plumbing issues. We have the essential equipment on hand to diagnose and repair any emergency.

Avoiding Common Pipe Relining Mistakes
Avoiding Common Pipe Relining Mistakes

Many people make mistakes when choosing pipe relining that lead to problems down the line. Ensure you pick an experienced company, ask key questions about their relining process, products and warranties and avoid digging up pipes unless absolutely necessary.

Pipe Relining Rules & Permits Sydney
Pipe Relining Rules & Permits in Sydney

Do Sydney homes need council permits for trenchless pipe relining? Get advice from fully licensed Sydney plumbers on whether pipe repairs require approvals for your property.

Epoxy Resin’ Key Role Pipe Relining
Epoxy Resin’s Key Role In Pipe Relining

Epoxy resin plays a key role in pipe relining by coating the inside of damaged pipes to seal cracks, gaps and corrosion. As a no dig alternative to pipe replacement, epoxy resin pipe relining avoids the need for expensive and disruptive digging. Call us for a free quote on epoxy pipe relining today.

Relight Gas Water Heater Pilot
Relight Your Gas Water Heater Pilot

To relight your gas water heater’s pilot light, locate the access panel and gas control knob. Turn knob to pilot position. Hold ignitor button down until pilot flame appears and burns steadily for 30 secs before releasing. If pilot won’t stay lit, call a plumber for assistance relighting.

DIY blocked drain repairs legal Australia?
Are DIY blocked drain repairs legal in Australia?

DIY blocked drain repairs may not be legal or covered by insurance in Australia. Only licensed plumbers can legally repair drains. Contact Marrickville Plumbing for professional drain repairs to avoid issues.

Affects Pipe Relining Costs?
What Affects Pipe Relining Costs?

Pipe relining costs depend on various factors like pipe length and diameter, number of access points and junctions, material, and labour. Get an accurate quote from our Marrickville plumbing professionals today.

Drain Snakes Hydrojetting - Method Effective?
Drain Snakes vs Hydrojetting - Which Method is More Effective?

When faced with a clogged drain, homeowners often wonder whether to use a drain snake or hydrojetting. While snakes can clear minor clogs, hydrojetting is more powerful and effective for deeply clearing tough blockages.

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